Was hilft gegen Sodbrennen?

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In Deutschland leidet circa ein Viertel der Bevölkerung unter Sodbrennen. Darunter wird ein brennendes Gefühl in der Magengrube und hinter dem unteren Brustbein verstanden, das bis in den Hals oder in den Rücken ausstrahlen kann. Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten zur Abhilfe bei Sodbrennen mittels einer Behandlung. Dieser Text beschreibt allgemeine Maßnahmen, um die Beschwerden zu lindern. Es wird auf alternativmedizinische und schulmedizinische Hilfe bei Sodbrennen eingegangen, um eine Lösung des Sodbrennens zu erreichen. Aber auch ärztliche Behandlungen, Tipps und Risiken werden erläutert.

Was sollte allgemein beachtet werden?

Care should be taken to eat as many basic foods as possible. Especially fruits and vegetables are valuable base donors. But also potatoes and herbs are very good. Instead of mineral water with carbonated water or unsweetened tea should be drunk. Basic tea blends of dandelion, nettle and lime blossom are a good alternative to the sour fruit tea. To get a quick fix, you can try a small piece of dry bread . This can bind the stomach acid and immediately reduce possible complaints [1] [12].

The food should be prepared gentle to the stomach . Therefore, foods should be steamed or steamed [2].

Alcohol and nicotine are totally unsuitable because the symptoms could have been aggravated. Tight clothing can increase abdominal pressure and aggravate acid-related weight complaints. Therefore, loose clothing offers better. Obesity can therefore increase abdominal pressure and cause heartburn. A basic diet should reduce obesity [11].

Welche Hausmittel eignen sich zur Behandlung?


The flowers of chamomile have a calming effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus. By calming acid-related complaining can be alleviated. Chamomile can be prepared as a tea [12].


In order to obtain a quick remedy of the complaints, it can be used to make up a small amount of powder in powder form several times a day to enrich the saliva with organic substances and thus to neutralize the stomach acid . Clay must always be taken to the right to be able to help [3].

Raw potatoes

One tip you can do all the discomfort is to drink raw potato juice or chew a small piece of washed and peeled potato. The potato has valuable ingredients that can attach to the mucous membrane like a protective layer and soothe the affected tissue [3].

liquorice juice

Even in ancient times, liquorice juice was used against heartburn. Licorice has an anti-mucous, anti-inflammatory and anti- spasmodic effect and increases the toughness of the gastric juice. This can help to cure inflammation and ease the symptoms. Licorice juice can be taken as a tea or powder [12].

Welche alternativmedizinischen Produkte eignen sich zur Behandlung?

Cell salts

Schüßler salts are mineral salts that occur in the body itself. Sometimes, however, there is a deficiency that can be replenished with Schüßler salts.

Schuessler salts # 9 (sodium phosphoricum) and # 10 (sodium sulfuricum) are useful as a base to relieve heartburn. However, they are not to be relieved, but must be taken at least two to three weeks to allow for improvement. If the symptoms are less, the Schuessler salts should be taken for at least 8-12 weeks. For severe complaints this can be extended to half a year [5].


Acidum hydrofluoricum, anacardium or phosphorus are suitable for relieving heartburn. But again, five globules have taken a day to a longer period of time to reduce heartburn [4].

Bach flower

Bach flower remedies are not suitable for the sole treatment of heartburn. The Bachflowers Crowea can therefore be described as " pain in the stomach", "to protect the mucous membrane and to relieve the pain" [13].

Base mixtures

Base mixtures are a valuable supplement to proper nutrition. They are especially useful in the evening when there is acute pain during the night due to the reflux.

Welche schulmedizinischen Produkte eignen sich zur Behandlung?

Therapy by means of antacids (acid binders)

Acid binders can neutralize the stomach acid and thus reduce the acidic components of the gastric juice. Thus, a relief of heartburn can be achieved. Antacids are usually the first treatment of acid-related symptoms after drinking alcohol or rich in fat and carbohydrates. They can be taken as micro-granules or chewable tablets [6 | [7] [8].

Therapy by means of proton pump inhibitors (PPI)

Acid blockers are the main agents in the treatment of gastric acid neutralization. PPIs lead to an irreversible inhibition of ducts in the gastric parietal cells in which gastric acid is produced. Acid blockers are given as a precursor, which is first taken in the small intestine and acts on the blood cells on the parietal cells of the stomach. Therefore, these tablets should not be mortared. They work best when taken 30 minutes before a big meal . In total, no more than 1 tablet should be taken within 24 hours. There are no known risks that could arise from prolonged therapy. PPIs should not be combined with drugs for HIV infection [8] [9].

Welche ärztlichen Behandlungen eignen sich zur Behandlung?


A disturbed gastric motor can lead to a gastric enlargement, which is characterized by an overproduction of gastric acidity. The result is damage to the mucous membrane [14]. By means of special diagnostic and tactile techniques of the hands, changes in the stomach can be detected and gastric acid production can be affected. These malfunctions can be remedied with the help of certain pressure, stretching and breathing techniques of osteopathy [15].

Reflux surgery

The reflux surgery is best for heartburn, but should only be considered as a last resort option. The sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach is strengthened, so that the barrier has no permeability. The duration of surgery is about one hour and is carried out. Reflux surgery should always be performed in specialized centers to minimize the complication rate. In almost all patients, a complaint-free status can be achieved [16].

Wann bestehen ernsthafte gesundheitliche Risiken?

It is not possible to remedy the situation with the above-mentioned options, it is important to see a doctor to reduce the complications and risks of heartburn. These include inflammation and scarred bottlenecks, but cancer could also be caused by a tissue transformation.

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